FortiMa: The ONLY Pool Gate Latch you’ll EVER NEED


The most reliable pool gate latch for child safety has arrived, available exclusively through Locinox. The FortiMa is unlike any other pool gate latch system, that – combined with the Tiger Gate Closer – provides the best possible pool gate closure system for drowning prevention. Not only does the FortiMa last longer than any other pool gate latch, it also provides the strongest magnet latch available on the market. This magnet keeps kids safe with the height requirement for standard pool code, and because the magnet is stronger and bigger than the competitors gate latch magnets, it makes it difficult for kids to get into the pool area unsupervised. It even boasts the strongest material and ease of installation. The FortiMa is re-keyable to match any Schlage key lock. When other pool gate latch systems provide magnets of lesser strength, the FortiMa is the alternative for a stronger magnetic latch and makes it harder for kids to get into the pool area. For child safety, nobody else comes close.

  • Product FORTIMA
  • Category Locks for swimming pool gates
  • Completed on 10 December 2021
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