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Winter is Coming! Be prepared.


Winter is upon us, and temperatures are starting to drop in the northern parts of the world.

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Batimat 2017 and Tiger nominated for innovation reward


Locinox will be attending Batimat 2017 from 6 November until 10 November

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Temperature test on gate closers


We set all the gate closers at room temperature. Next, we exposed them to temperatures from -30 °C up to +70°C, and measured the closing speed at an 90° opening angle.

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Get a Tiger on your gate


The Tiger can be mounted on gates up to 165 lbs and 3-1/2 ft. wide, and is now available.

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New Modular lock for security exit doors


Industrial, commercial and public buildings have to meet a set of safety requirements

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Puma: the aesthetic hinge for residential gates


Also in 2017 Locinox keeps on innovating by launching new products. We are proud to present the first one…

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Running change: 4D hinges (3rd phase)


All items in our product range are fully interchangeable. From this perspective, and in order to obtain a more precise…

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Product improvement :1004SET-M20 and 1003SET-M18


Locinox is a company that is constantly on the move. Each year we launch numerous innovations in a never-ending search…

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Running change: SHKM Keep


For a better aesthetic alignment with the Locinox range of insert locks, we have redrawn our SHKM keep...

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Running change: 4D hinges (2nd phase)


Late 2015 we took the first step in improving and further standardising our GBMU4D hinges. The claw was made...

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Compatibility overview: Locinox handles


Locinox seeks after maximum modularity. Therefore many of our handles are suited for...

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New VERTICLOSE now available


Starting today we are shipping the newest version of our VERTICLOSE hydraulic gate closer...

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New: Fortylock now available!


Mortise lock with 3/4" backset for profiles of 1-1/2"...

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Locinox - Trends Gazelle 2016!


Locinox rises 20 places on the list of Trends Gazelles...

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Running changes: 4D hinges


Locinox 4D hinges to undergo a series of changes during 2016...

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Locinox innovations


Locinox updates product range with stunning innovations...

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Locinox launches a new version of the SAKL and SHKL keep in 2016


Locinox launches a new version of the SAKL and SHKL keep in 2016. With an even higher corrosion resistance and for an...

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Locinox opens up sales & distribution office in Chicago


Locinox NV, a leading provider of hydraulic gate closers, locks and other gate hardware announces that is has...

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Triangular socket cylinder available in 7/16" & 11/16"


The 3012-POC triangular socket cylinder is now available in 3 versions: 7/16" / 9/16" / 11/16" ...

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Running change: Mechanical codelocks


Our vandalism proof mechanical code locks offer an aesthetic access control solution without the need for batteries or...

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New: 3006D


The new 3006D design aluminium handle pair is now available on the Locinox B2B-portal...

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New: Improved MAG & MAGMAG


Finally a weatherproof magnetic lock for years of worry free use outside!

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New: G90Z-M16 with anti-theft protection


The popular hot-dip galvanized 90°-hinge is now available in M16-version with anti-theft protection...

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G90Z-M20 hinges now standard with anti-theft security


The hot-dip galvanized eyeboltset (1039SET) was provided with an extra security making it burglar proof...

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Running change: 3006PUSH


The PUSH-set (fits all LA locks) is now compatible with the Free Vinci lock (LF)...

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Corporate Movie 2015 - All around the world!


Our company movie showcases our innovative power, unequalled customer service and international presence.

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New Design U2 / U3 / U4 and P1 lockboxes


Our well-known lock boxes U2, U3, U4 and P1 have been redesigned. The old lock boxes will be replaced in a...

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Need to close a gate? We have the solution!


A gate closer for every situation!

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Keysafe equiped with anti-theft cover


Our unique, stainless steel Keysafe which grants an easy access to emergency services...

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New: MAMMOTH-180


Our Mammoth-180 is the newest development within our gate closer product range. The aesthetic design, combined with...

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Vandal-proof 180° hinge with 4-way adjustment


Anti-sabotage hot-dip galvanised 180° hinge. This secured (patent pending) version of the GBMU4D16 hinge provides...

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