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Weather resistant keypad with external relays
Item No. P00009886 - SLIMSTONE-X
2-channel relay module
Item No. D00000133 - SWITCHSTONE-STD
Design led-lighting for gates
Item No. P00013398 - TRICONE
Safety transformer 12V AC
Item No. P00008820 - AC-TRANS-12V-25W
Safety power supply 12V and 13V DC
Item No. P00008822 - DC-POWER-12V-20W
Safety power supply 24V and 25V DC
Item No. P00009940 - DC-POWER-24V-25W
All-in one 12V DC Access Module with integrated timer
Item No. P00008821 - DC-ACCESS-12V-20W
Safety power supply 110V - 24V and 25V DC
Item No. P00009941 - DC-POWER-110V-24V