How to swap the cylinder of a LUKY J5

How to

The LUKY J5 our surface mounted US mortise cylinder gate lock that easily installs on either square or round gate frames using the lock adaptor plate. It has a weather resistant aluminum housing and stainless-steel mechanism designed for years of continued use. Specially developed to use with a standard 1-1/8" Mortise cylinder, it comes standard with 5pin keyed alike or keyed differently (drilled 6pin) inserts. The latch and dead bolt have 3/8" continuous adjustment to allow perfect alignment of the locking mechanism and a stainless-steel throw of 7/8" guarantees secure locking. Black lock standard provided with the 3006FA handle (zamac) Silver comes with aluminum handle (3006M).

  • Product LUKYJ5
  • Category Locks for swing gates
  • Completed on 7 August 2020
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