Discover the EN 179 certified anti panic gate lock


SURFACE MOUNTED ANTI-PANIC GATE LOCK Stainless steel superior anti-panic lock with aluminium housing. EN179 certified configuration possible with LPKQ U2 for 40 & 60 mm gate frames with SAKL keep, 3006A-2 handle and 3012-54-STD- cylinder. Escape or exit from inside is possible at all times by operating the handle. Mechanical access from the outside is always possible by operating the cylinder. The 20 mm continuous adjustability of the bolts allows a perfect latching / locking of the mechanism. A solid stainless steel deadbolt with a 23 mm throw guarantees a secure locking. For a fast and highly precise installation, we recommend using the Drill-Fix drilling jig.

  • Product Surface mounted anti-panic gate lock
  • Category Locks for swing gates
  • Completed on 30 January 2020
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