New FORTYLOCK Available - Old Stock Almost Depleted

Friday, February 9, 2024

The stock of the old version of the FORTYLOCK is nearly sold out. Very soon, you will only receive the new version.

As previously communicated, this no longer fits into the earlier profile preparation. It is therefore crucial that all gate profiles are now prepared with the new contour shape. This new profile preparation not only ensures a perfect positioning of the lock. More importantly, it is a significant step towards our UNIWING solution. The recess fits both our insert locks and the new insert lock keeps, SFKU & SFKO.

What this means for you:

Instead of a rectangle of 7-1/2” x 7/8” mm, a new contour shape is required. The new preparation needs a rectangle of 6-15/16” x 7/8” mm with a half-moon of 4/16” diameter at the top and bottom. The flaps of the new Click-It system cover a larger area behind the half-moon and secure the insert lock more firmly. This preparation also ensures the perfect centering of the lock.

Attention: This adjustment will also be made for FIFTY- and SIXTYLOCK. The new versions cannot be installed in the previous profile preparations. Conversely, all existing insert locks fit into the new preparation.