Weatherproof outdoor keypads

Locinox keypads slimstone slimstone-2
Fully weatherproof
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The SlimStone-2 keypad with two integrated relays sets the new standard!
With a certified IP68 rating, both the SlimStone and SlimStone-2 are designed to smoothly endure the most extreme weather conditions (-30°C up to +85°C). Furthermore, the integrated Smart Heating System guarantees a frost-free and smoothly operating keypad, even during the coldest winters.
From the surface-mounted Modulec electric strike to our range of magnetic locks, both the SlimStone and SlimStone-2 can manage a safe, durable and reliable access control for many years.
Quick and efficient installation ensures comfort and peace of mind.

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IP68 rated products

The IP-Code (Ingress Protection Code) indicates to what extent an electrical device is water-resistant. The first number symbolizes the resistance against solids (dust and sand), followed by a second number indicating its protection against water.
The IP68 rating of our SlimStone is one of the highest possible grades available. Since everything is entirely resin encapsulated, there is truly no way for any dust or water to reach the components inside.
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slimstone in water
slimstone in water
slimstone in water
slimstone in water slimstone in water
slimstone in water