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Frequently Asked Questions


The weight conditions and recommendations are located on the product pages on the website or in the product catalog. Weights are calculated with a safety margin of 5 and are only valid if the distance between the hinges is larger than half the width of the gate. If your gate measurements are outside of that range, please contact our customer service for a specific solution.
Weights are calculated with a safety margin of 5 and are only valid if the distance between the hinges is bigger than half the width of the gate.
The website allows you to find your desired gate closer by using a simple filtering system. Below you can find a table containing our selection of gate closers.
No, only products with the 24h shipping label.
The QF can be used for profile thicknesses up to 3/16”.
The overview below shows the possible combinations of handles and locks.

Locinox Handle Compatibility

Hot dip galvanization results in a zinc layer of 60 to 200 (over 10 years of protection). Zinc plating, on the other hand, results in a maximum layer of 40 Mu (5 years of protection). It’s clear that hot dip galvanization has a longer protection against corrosion.


Please contact our customer service. They will help you find the right products in your area!
Since orders are processed relatively fast, we advise you to verify each order thoroughly before confirmation. In case of additions, please contact our customer service ASAP.
Regular warranty is 1-year, but because we are so convinced of the quality of our products we give a 2-year warranty on all mechanical components of the products as well as 2 years on all electronic components.
If the product is under warranty and the reason for failure is due to a defect in the materials, our first option is to repair this for free. If the products cannot be repaired, or if the repair cost is higher than the cost of a new product, we will replace it. For returned products, please keep in mind a waiting period of about 1 week.
Locinox is known for its great quality. In case you experience problems, you can return your products for inspection and repair. The only thing you need to do is fill out a form and send it back with the product to: Locinox USA LLC. 460 Windy Point Drive, Glendale Heights, IL 60139. Please make sure that the shipping cost is paid and insured. Our quality department will be grateful if you indicate what product aspects have caused problems. That way we hope to detect any problem faster. Please also try to send back the product in its original packaging.
High resolution pictures can be found under the downloads tab for each product. The “Media” page shows all pictures and video’s combined, so you can easily find what you need by using the filter.
All 3D drawings are available upon request. You can contact us here, or through your regular Locinox contact.


Our B2B portal has numerous advantages! At any time during the day, you can verify your pricing, configure products, and place orders. The order history makes it easier to view and re-order products from previous orders as well as create your own order templates for repetitive orders.
To create an account, you will need to contact our customer support. From there, we will send you a password that will allow you to generate your own personal password for your account. Once your account is created, you will be able to order online immediately.
Since orders are processed relatively fast, we advise you to verify each order thoroughly before confirmation. In case of mistakes, please contact our customer service ASAP.
No worries! Click here to contact our customer service by completing the contact form. Once submitted, you will receive an email containing instructions on how to set up a new password. In order to protect your privacy, we do not have access to your password. So unfortunately, we cannot send it to you.
In the US, all catalog products that are indicated with a 24-hour shipment label are guaranteed to be shipped within 24 hours from the point of order. All other products are shipped within 6 weeks. We do not ship orders partially so orders with combined products will be shipped within 6 weeks. For the latter, please contact our customer service.
The applied costs depend on the total value of your order: - USA:
  • Free shipping on orders over $ 4,000. For orders below that, freight is charged. Orders below $ 200, are also charged a handling fee of $ 5
  • EU: Orders over 500 euro have no freight charges for Benelux, France, UK, and Germany.
  • Orders over 2000 euro, also have no shipping costs within the EU. Exceptions are: NO, CH, CY, MT.
  • For all other countries, pricing is Ex-Works.
We accept the following online payment methods on our B2B Portal: -USA & Canada: Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express credit cards. Be aware, new clients are required to pay the first 3 orders through credit card. After this, Open payment terms of Net 30 Days is granted through payable invoices.