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Frequently Asked Questions

Gate Closers

By using the filters on our website you can easily find the appropriate gate closer for any given situation. The table below indicates when to use which gate closer.
This can be the result of various causes. Do not hesitate to consult the manuals and installation videos on the product pages of our website. Some possible solutions:
  • In general: check if the correct gate weights or dimensions have been observed. See manual or installation video.
  • Retrofit gate closers: often caused by wrongly adjusted or poorly maintained hinges. See manual or installation video.
  • Samson-2 / Mammoth-180 : the power control must not be minimalised. See manual or installation video.
  • Samson-2 : the configuration appears to be wrong, or the distance between the pivoting points was not respected. See manual or installation video.
This can have 2 different causes: the type of gate closer might be too powerful for the gate on which it is installed. See the table indicating which gate closer to use in which situation. Another reason might be that the wrong brackets where used during installation, or that the correct distances have not been observed. Watch the installation video or check the assembly instructions on the product pages.
Adjust the speed and/or the latching action of the gate closer. Watch the installation video or check the assembly instructions on the product pages.
Adjust the speed and/or latching action of the gate closer. Watch the installation video or check the assembly instructions on the product pages.
The distance can be adjusted between 15 and 35 mm. Watch the installation video or consult the manual.
Because of the default double sealing on all locinox gate closers, leakage is practically impossible. It is possible that some oil was left from the assembly, nevertheless we thoroughly clean every gate closer. The oil can easily be swept off with a dry cloth. If after a while oil reappears, you should certainly contact your installing partner, or us.
No, you can’t! If the above solutions don’t give you the desired result, we kindly ask you to contact your installer. Never clean the gate closer with a high-pressure cleaner, and never open up the gate closer. The spring system is under high pressure so it is dangerous to dismantle a gate closer.

( Elektromagnetic ) locks

In the schedule below you can easily see which handles can be combined with which locks.
Check if the colours of the wires of the supply cable match well upon connection. Moreover, 12v/24v demands a different type of connection. Consult the product manual! The vibrating of maglock can be caused by an ac supply.
Absolutely, but only on dc. Attention: the connection scheme is different. Consult the product manual.
Absolutely! Our s-mag was especially designed for sliding gates. Discover here.
For safety reasons 2 actions must be implemented: keep on pushing on one out of three buttons and give kidloc a quarter turn at the same time.
To use keydrop you need the 37 mm half cylinder key. Depending on the type of lock, you can obtain the matching 46 or 54 mm cylinder (keyed alike). The longer cylinders cannot be provided with the same key.
Same type cylinders open up with the same type of key. Cylinder type x is thus opened with key type x.
No. These cylinders have a different length. The following cylinders are interchangeable: 37, 46 and 54 mm. Same for 60 en 80 mm cylinders. From 60 mm we use a 5 pin coding (as opposed to 4 pin coding for shorter versions).
This refers to the cylinder type. All gsx cylinders fit with an x type key. Provided that the key and the cylinder have a matching pin coding. A key with a 4 pin coding does not fit in a cylinder of a 5 pin coding, and vice versa.
Remove the mechanical code lock from the gate. Due to safety reasons, this is not always easy. Watch this installation video or consult the product manual.
No, only 12v. Our Modulec keep works with both 12v and 24v.
Absolutely! Our locks for swing gates use handles with a 8 mm square spindle. The only exception are the lskz locks for sliding gates. Because forces are bigger here, these are 10 mm spindles. So theses spindles do not fit in the other locks.


We refer to this schedule to check the required distances between post and gate.


Our weight conditions and recommendations are on the product page of our website next to the drawings or in our product catalogue. The weights are calculated with safety margin 5 and only apply when the gate width is smaller or equal to twice the hinge distance. If your gate dimensions are beyond these, please contact the customer service to get a specific solution.
The allowed gate weights were calculated with safety factor 5. Safety factor 3 is standard, but thanks to locinox’s high quality we can increase it to factor 5. The mentioned weights only apply when the distance between the hinges is larger than half the width of your gate.

Electradrop dropbolts

All our products are developed to resist to heavy loads. Electradrop works perfectly well with a 500 kg compression force (with fully open latch and a minimum locking of 35 mm).
Be sure that the grey wire gets a +24v signal. If electradrop is supplied correctly and the grey wire is held against the ‘+’ of the supply source, the latch must react. Watch the installation video or read the assembly instructions on the product.
Electradrop reacts immediately upon unlocking. If a pulse signal is given, electradrop waits maximum 3 seconds after ending of the signal to lock. In case of a constant signal it immediately goes down.


Our loc-eshop gives you many advantages. It allows you to check your prices, place orders yourself and configurate products whenever you want. Through the order history you an easily find earlier orders, and the order templates can be used to assemble repeat-orders.
You can create an account yourself through the self creation portal on our website. Enter your data and you immediately get access to our loc-eshop where you can safely and comfortably order our products.
Check your order profoundly before sending it to us. After all, any order is handled quickly. If nevertheless an error did occur, please contact our customer service.
No problem! Contact our customer service here, and follow the instructions in the email we will send you. To protect your privacy, we have no access to your password so we are unable to send it to you. You have to set a new password. After that, you can change it again.
Catalogue products ordered before 4:30 pm are sent within 24 hours. This challenging standard is successful in over 98% of all orders. The actual delivery term differs from country to country.
The handling fees depend on the total value of your order: Order value > € 500: no shipment costs within the benelux, for france, the uk and germany. Order value > € 2,000: no shipment costs within the eu with exception of no, ch, cy, mt For all other countries: prices ex works are applicable.
Locinox offers you the following advanced payment options: Bank transfer Mastercard Visa Ideal Customers placing at least 3 orders with advanced payment are given the option to pay after receipt of the invoice, after validation of the orders.

Order Products

Contact our customer service to get informed on the dealer in your area who offers the products you are looking for.
Yes, all catalogue products are available within 24 hours. One hour after order confirmation we start preparing your order so it is ready for shipment within 24 hours.
Because we handle orders quickly and guarantee a 24 hour shipment, any order sent to us cannot be modified after 1 hour. Please check your order profoundly before sending it.
Legally a 1 year warranty but because we strongly believe in the quality of our products, we give all mechanical products a 3 year warranty. Electronical and electrical products come with a 2 year warranty.


If the product is still under warranty and the cause of the defect is due to a material failure, our first option is to repair it for free. If a product is beyond repair, or if the repair costs are higher than the cost of a new product, we replace it. It usually takes 1 week to replace or repair a product. In some cases it is done faster. This link shows an overview of our rates for repair beyond warranty.

In general

All our products are at least galvanised with a zinc coating with a 60 to 200 μm thickness. This corresponds to a perfect protection between 10 and 30 years in maritime climate, and over 30 years in an urban environment. Electrolytic galvanisation only provides a zinc coating of max. 40 μM (less than 5 year protection). So obviously a hot-dip galvanised locinox product is protected much longer against corrosion than an electrolytic galvanised product. Discover the video on a practical test at locinox
The common but extremely strong quick-fix can be used with thicknesses of 1 to 5 mm. However, we also have special splitters in stock that allow the use with thicknesses of 5 to 8 mm.
All 3d drawings of our products are available for our customers upon simple demand. Ask your locinox contact or apply here.