Best Managed Company “Gold” Label for Locinox

Friday, May 31, 2024

Waregem, 30 May 2024 – Locinox is in the list of Best Managed Companies for the fourth consecutive year. The global market leader in fencing and gate accessories will thus receive the prestigious Gold Label in 2024.

During a gala event in Brussels, a delegation from Locinox received the gold label of Best Managed Company from Deloitte, Econopolis and KU Leuven. The prestigious programme evaluates and assesses the strategy and operational management of organizations against a proven global framework, based on four pillars.

After the labels of 2021, 2022 and 2023, Locinox was eligible for gold this year. A strong dossier and an extensive presentation on the progress of the past three years convinced the jury: “We would like to congratulate Locinox for an excellent presentation. By consistently investing in product development and innovation, being close to the customer with 'eyes on the market' and switching quickly in a changing environment, Locinox proves that it is writing a sustainable success story. With a strong strategic mindset, the construction of an impressive new building and a focus on automation, the company is ready for growth.”


CEO Bram Dieryckx shares this recognition with everyone at Locinox. “The new gold label and the words of the jury are something to be proud of. To be on the Best Managed Companies podium four years in a row is a testament to consistent hard work to provide our customers with the best possible products and services.”

“Our growth is strongly driven by new products and is the result of a team effort,” Dieryckx emphasizes. “We focus on tomorrow and dare to invest: in innovative products, in an advanced automatic logistics site, in operational excellence, but also in the development and growth of the team and its talents. They are the driving forces behind our innovation and our company.”


Deloitte Private, in collaboration with Econopolis and KU Leuven, launched the Belgium Best Managed Companies program in 2017 to recognize and guide privately owned and managed Belgian companies that achieve outstanding results. The program assesses companies' leadership qualities and practices in the areas of strategy, capabilities, commitment, and financial performance using a globally-proven framework.

To be eligible for participation, companies must have a turnover exceeding €10 million, have been established for at least five years, have more than 25 full-time employees, and have a majority stake (>60%) owned by a Belgian resident, person or entity. Additionally, the company's headquarters or a major decision center must be located in Belgium, and they must be fully compliant from a legal, tax, and ethical perspective. The Best Managed Companies label is designed to become an international symbol of quality and excellence. Developed in Canada in 1993, the program has since been rolled out in over 35 countries worldwide.


Locinox is an international trendsetting company developing and manufacturing hardware for the fence, gate and access control industry. Our vision is to fit every high-quality fence gate with at least one Locinox component. Our expertise focuses on gate hardware for outdoor use. That niche market may not be big, but we want to be the international number one. At the moment we adopt a pioneering role which we would like to maintain and further expand. This is why we continue to invest and be dedicated to this market.