New LUKY gate lock

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

In the next couple of weeks we will be doing several communications on our new LUKY gate lock. Most of you have heard of this innovation, but we'd like to take the time to explain you a couple of aspects.

Why go for this LUKY lock?

The LUKY gate lock is designed to fit a US mortise cylinder. The big advantage is that the locks can be rekeyed to any existing locks already in place, allowing to have 1 single key to operate all gates/doors.

Still a lot of customers are not aware of the easy installation of our products. This is one of the key features for this product and for Locinox in general. Easy & Secure! The DrillFix installation kit will make the installation even easier and faster. It comes with all the bits and pieces ...

Available options:

1. Lockbox colors:
  • black (code 9005) - comes with black handles
  • silver (code ZILV) - comes with silver handles
2. Cylinders:
  • 2 keyed alike cylinders Schlage C keyway 5 pin (drilled 6) + 4 keys
  • 2 keyed different cylinders Schlage C keyway 5 pin (drilled 6) + 4 keys
  • no cylinders: these locks are available without cylinder in case your customer already has existing cylinders that will fit the standard mortise thread (8/32)
3. Available for both:
  • ornamental gates
  • chain link gates
4. Handle options:
for a different style handle or a free exit option (Panic bar or Panic push pad) feel free to check out the website!

The LUKY will be a game changer for the US gate industry! And we are hoping that you will share this enthusiasm with us. We're counting on you - as a Locinox partner - to forward this to your sales and customer support department as well as help us spread the word through e-mail blasts, flyers, sales communications etc.