Running change: 4D hinges (3rd phase)

Friday, January 20, 2017

All items in our product range are fully interchangeable. From this perspective, and in order to obtain a more precise and secure weld between the hinge claw and gate profile, we decided to improve our 4D hinges.

In 2015 we launched phase 1 with a universal claw nut 4D-FIX for the GBMU4D16 and GMBU4D20 hinges. Phase 2 came with a new and smaller claw.

And now we have reached the final phase. We introduce the updated GRIP 20-ALUM which fits the universal claw even better. The other colors are to follow in the upcoming months.

These innovations are full of benefits:

  • A more precise and secure welding connection
  • Further standardization of our product range

GRIP 16 will be launched in March.