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Mortise lock for ornamental gates

Item No. H-Metal
Mortise lock with 100% stainless steel mechanism. This model can be installed on steel, aluminum, or wood gates. The massive stainless steel hook and adjustable latch bolt makes this a one of a kind lock. The combination of the hook (dead bolt) with the SHKM or SHKW keep provides a secure anchoring of your gate while preventing the gate from being pried open as the dead bolt's "hook" locks into the keep's anchoring plate. These locks can be used on metal, wood or aluminum gates or even with our fully prepared profiles. The latch gap required is keep dependent, but the SHKM Hybrid keep requires a 7/8" latch gap.
Easy left or right changing of the self-latching daybolt
Key-operated self-latching bolt, allows Free Exit application
Adjustment of the latch bolt up to 3/4" continuous without removing the lock
Stainless steel mechanism, hook, front plate and latch bolt
Handles to be ordered separately
Throw of the hook: 1-1/4"
Center-distance cylinder <=> handles = 3-5/8"
Hook in combination with the keep provides secure anchoring
With coverplate for lock mechanism protection against dirt penetration inside the posts
Available with 2-1/8", 2-3/8", and 3-1/8" cylinder
Cover shield for handle & cylinder holes to be ordered separately

Insert lock

  • H-METAL - For profiles with a min. depth of 2-1/2"

Hybrid kits: Insert lock + accessories

  • H-METAL-SET-54-M- - H-METAL + 3020-HYB-STD (2x) + 3006M-H + SHKM-ALUM + 3012-54-STD-VSZ
  • H-METAL-SET-54-I- - H-METAL + 3020-HYB-A2 (2x) + 3006I-H + SHKM-ALUM + 3012-54-STD-VSZ
  • H-METAL-SET-80-M- - H-METAL + 3020-HYB-STD (2x) + 3006M-H + SHKM-ALUM + 3012-80-STD-VSZ
  • H-METAL-SET-80-I- - H-METAL + 3020-HYB-A2 (2x) + 3006I-H + SHKM-ALUM + 3012-80-STD-VSZ