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Our lock mechanism is made of stainless steel. Locinox only uses quality components that withstand the forces of the weather and the slamming of gates.
The adjustment of the day- and night bolt allows flexibility on site. The night bolt throw is 23 mm with just one turn of the key, the day bolt moves 20 mm.
Our locks also adjust easily for left or right turning gates.

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So much more than a lock

Easily interchange our locks, keys and handles

All our locks feature the same modular drilling pattern for maximum ease and flexibility. Upgrading and swapping out locks has never been easier!

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No more need to worry about the weather

Like all Locinox products, our locks are made with 100% weatherproof components to provide maximum reliability and functionality in all situations.

Weather resistance

Products for all circumstances

Our locks attach easily to square and round profiles. Thanks to our new, unique chain link adaptors, the choice is yours.

Quick and easy installation

Get the job done quickly thanks to our drilling tools. the Drill-Fix self-centers itself on the post guaranteeing an easy and quick lock installation.

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Our lockboxes provide you with a perfect alignment of both the handles and the cylinder with the mechanics. Thanks to the KTL coating, the lockbox withstands more than 1000 hours of salt spray testing without any corrosion caused (equal to 15 years of outdoor use).
Wearing off the plastic ring is impossible thanks to the 7,5 mm deep crank around the plastic of the door handle.

Quality handles

The handle is manufactured out of 180 grams of pure anodized Alu. The anodizing process offers a wear-resistant layer with a corrosion resistance of more than 1000 hours of salt spray - (equal to 15 years of outdoor use).
You can lock the handle on one or two sides of the lock and the handle is a fundamental component of our modularity concept:

  • All Locinox handles are interchangeable with each other
  • The client can configure any lock with a specific handle
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Our cylinders are specially designed for outdoor use in the most extreme environments. They have a brass housing (60% copper) in the standardized Europrofile shape!

The housing, search pins, rotor and keys are all nickel-plated, resulting in high corrosion resistance. The springs are made of stainless steel springs of the search pins and the cliffs on the rotor. The cam is cured sintering material.

All our cylinders come with three rust-free keys made out of brass. Our keys have four search pins with a high degree of variation for ultimate safety.
You can also choose between keyed alike and keyed differently.

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The Locinox Lock

bolt on lock

Regular weld on Lock

weld on lock

Different profile sizes are possible with the Locinox-lock thanks to the adjustability of the day pen. All our locks come in one package. You don't have to order multiple parts anymore.
We ease your profile manufacturing. There is no more need for laser cutting or threads in the profile. Four holes are all it takes to install any of our bolt-on locks.
The profile also loses less of its strength because fewer cuts are needed and water ingress is nearly impossible in the gate frame.
There is an easy alignment between the holes for the handles, cylinder and lock.


We offer you the possibility for full gate wing standardization. Working with Locinox gate hardware makes it possible to develop just one type of wing in different sizes.

  • No difference between left and right turning gates
  • No difference between single and double gate wings
  • Gates can be fully prepared (hot dip galvanization, powder coating) without extra interventions
  • Easy to stack and transport
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Locinox Keeps

We can't talk about our quality locks without mentioning our keeps.
Equal in quality, our keeps can resist the same weather-conditions, guarantee the same modularity and help you with your standardization.