No more Samson-250 or 400!
One model fits all gates up to 6-1/2 ft. and 330 lbs!

Opening angle
Fit for all gates
Improved adjustment setting
Easier to install
Strongest option

And still...

We have not forgotten the things that made our first Samson our client's favorite.

Easier to install

Check out our new 3D installation movie!


Engineers, salespersons and installers. All are lyrical about the new features.
But let's let them do the talking.

Product design

Aesthetically this product has known a nice evolution, technically however we can speak of a true revolution. We redesigned this gate closer from scratch while keeping all the key features that make Locinox gate closers so unique.


The Samson is our most popular gate closer and I'm sure that this version will go even stronger: adjustable final snap, a bigger opening angle and even easier to install.

Gate installer

This product is a true revelation when compared to other gate closers on the market. No more hassle with self-tapping screws and a gate closer that does its job reliably anywhere and anytime.


the samson-2 is now permanently lowered in price

Other options

The Samson-2 isn't what you are looking for? Check out our other gate closing solutions!


Hydraulic 180° gate closer and hinge in one